Annual BPC Community Easter Egg Hunt Saturday at 11:00 am

The Annual BPC Community Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Saturday, April 19th at 11:00 am (rain or shine!). Gather at the Parlors (outside if the weather cooperates) and the hunt will begin promptly at 11:00 am. There will be snacks for the parents as well at arrival! Bring your friends and family members.

Here’s What’s Happening Easter Day — The Resurrection of the Lord ...

Happy Easter! Well, perhaps a little premature; nevertheless, Sunday is the Resurrection of the Lord or Easter Day. The festival of the Resurrection of the Lord (or Easter Sunday) is the center of the Christian year. On this occasion the church joyfully proclaims the good news that is at the very heart of the gospel: that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. Alleluia! The Older Testament reading from the Lectionary is Jeremiah 31:1-6, where the prophet proclaims God’s everlasting love and faithfulness. In the Newer Testament, the first Lectionary reading is from Acts 10:34-43, where Peter testifies to Jesus’ death and resurrection; Jesus is Lord of all. And, the Newer Testament Gospel Lectionary reading is Matthew 28:1-10, where women find Jesus’ tomb empty; he has been raised from the dead. Pastor Peter’s sermon at the 10:30 am service will be “Alleluia!” Note: Pastor Peter will also be offering the sermon at the Community Easter Sunrise Service on the beach at the end of Ocean Road at 7:00 am. See you on the beach or in church!

Children’s Choir to Sing Anthem Easter Sunday

The Sunday School Children’s Choir will sing on Easter Sunday, April 20, during the worship. The children should arrive by 10:15 am for their final rehearsal for their anthem.

“Cents for Caring” Special Offering to Support the Homeless Now at $917.22

Thanks for your support of the annual “Cents for Caring” special offering of loose change to support Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Aquebogue’s work with the homeless through Maureen’s Haven. To date the collection has netted $917.22. Thanks for your generosity!

Happening Before Sunday ...

“Craft and Chat” Group Offers Fellowship and Sewing Fridays

The Craft & Chat Group invites you to meet with them in the Parlors Friday mornings from 10:30 - noon. Whether you “craft” or not, you are invited to participate with the group as a social circle.

Good Friday Tenebrae Service at 7:30 pm

Good Friday is the day we remember Jesus’ crucifixion. We will follow a tenebrae service to commemorate the time Jesus hung on the cross. It is an especially important time to pray for the church and the world for which Christ gave his life.

Easter Egg Hunt, Apr 19th: 11:00 am

Held on the Church grounds at 11:00 am sharp. Invite friends and bring a camera!

Easter Sunrise Service, Apr 20th: 7:00 am

Begin Easter at the Easter Sunrise Service on the beach at the end of Ocean Road. Pictured above is the “flowered cross” as the sun rises at last year’s service.

This Week’s Feature Story ...

Our Mission Partner Church Celebrates Easter with Painted Church

This Easter is extra special for our sister church in Güines, Cuba. They begin Holy Week celebrating a completely painted church building! Pastor Abel Mirabal Padilla and his spouse Sara Maria Lemus Crespo send us Easter Greetings and invite us to share in their congregation’s joy. Here is their note:

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Our work of painting the Church has finished. We begin Holy Week with a beautiful Church. We hope our hearts reach this beauty and that the Peace of God accompanies its Church in this time of reflection thanked by the extraordinary love of Cristo Jesús. With love. Rev. Abel Mirabal Padilla

Easter wishes to our sister church as we join them in celebration! Happy Easter!

Fresh Water Now Flows in Cuba

Barbara D’Andrea just received word from our partner churches in Cuba that the water project started during the March Mission Trip from Long Island has been completed! They write: “Clean water now flows at the IPRC in Los Palos. The church and community are excited and thankful. Izett is acknowledging the role of the Long Island Presbytery.”

BPC News to Know ...

Join in a “Hands-On” Mission Project as BPC Participates in the Great East End Cleanup, Sat, Apr 26th!

On Saturday, April 26th, all members and friends, especially children, youth and their families, are invited to participate in the “The Great East-End Clean-Up” — making our community more beautiful, healthier and safer. Mission and service projects are an important aspect of children’s and youth ministry and there are many ways to make such projects spiritually uplifting and fun. Last year our youth and adults had a meaningful experience and this year we are expanding this community ministry to include our younger children and their parents.

Why? Children and youth need to live their faith. Our community and people need help. Children and youth like to help. Children and youth learn when they help. We are all called to serve. We share God’s love by helping others and our community.

We will gather at Long Beach, Sag Harbor, on Saturday, April 26, from 10:00 am — 12:00 noon and our ministry will be to leave Long Beach a lot better than when we arrive! Thank you.

All Invited to a “Spring Fling” Luncheon After Worship, Sun, May 4th

Let’s celebrate the warmer weather and the coming of Spring with a “Spring Fling” Luncheon sponsored by the Christian Education Committee and friends. CE is hosting a “Spring Fling” Luncheon on Sunday, May 4th, following the worship service. Please bring your family and friends for great food, fellowship, and fun! We are providing everything. You just come and enjoy!

“Sacred Sites” Open House at BPC: Sat & Sun, May 17-18th

Members of the BPC Historical Preservation and Restoration Committee will once again participate this year in the New York State Landmarks “Sacred Sites” Open House, Saturday and Sunday, May 17-18. Our sanctuary will be open for visitors and guests to appreciate and learn of our history. Would you like to help host? Contact Ron Brackett at worship or through the Church Office: 631-537-0863.

Seekers’ Class to Explore Being a Presbyterian

The Seekers’ Class is an opportunity to learn more about The Presbyterian Church in Bridgehampton and what it means to be a Christian in the Presbyterian and Reformed Tradition. Offered periodically, it’s a great way to explore the faith and ministry we share. Meeting three times — to be negotiated with participants — we explore what being Presbyterian means; how the church runs; and, the ministry and mission we do. The group welcomes our guests, visitors, friends and current members. Please contact Pastor Peter: 537-0863 (office) or email:

What is the One Great Hour of Sharing?

Immediately following World War II, Protestant churches in the United States made appeals for the relief and reconstruction of devastated areas, primarily in Europe and Asia. In 1949 the leaders of several denominations formed a committee to organize an appeal to support their churches’ separate campaigns.

A radio program called “One Great Hour” was broadcast on March 26, 1949, over major networks and many independent stations. The broadcast closed with a request that listeners attend church the following morning and make a sacrificial contribution. No exact measure of receipts was possible, but it was estimated that more than 75,000 churches participated. The next year, the offering was repeated, for the first time using the name “One Great Hour of Sharing.” At times, One Great Hour of Sharing was coordinated with both the Roman Catholic Bishops’ Fund Appeal for Overseas Aid and the Jewish Passover Appeal. Free time and space were donated to this joint appeal through the Advertising Council.

From the beginning, the offering has been an ecumenical effort. As denominations changed and merged, One Great Hour of Sharing has varied from 8 to 29 participating communions. While each denomination allocates its gifts differently, all use their funds for ministries of disaster relief, refugee assistance, and development aid. Today, projects supported by One Great Hour of Sharing are under way in more than 100 countries, including the United States and Canada. In recent years Presbyterians have given about $7.5 million annually.

Feeding the hungry, helping people build up their own livelihoods, responding to disasters — these are all ways that your gift today to One Great Hour of Sharing will change lives, change communities — and change the world. When you give to One Great Hour of Sharing you are assisting in the empowerment of others as they move past emotional, physical, and spiritual misfortune through the Presbyterian Hunger Program, Self-Development of People and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

Your gift provides hope. We will collect the offering on Easter Sunday. Please give generously to One Great Hour of Sharing to support these Presbyterian Mission Agency ministries as they strive to help all of God’s people find resilience, hope, and faith in the face of challenging circumstances. Thank you!

Recent News ...

Can’t Make It to Worship?

With the summer vacations and weekend trips rapidly approaching when you’ll be away or if you’re not feeling well at home, you can still tune in to worship with us — live or delayed — on your home computer, tablet, or smartphone. Choose either of these links:

  • Live streaming to your desktop computer: click here;
  • The BPC mobile app: Click or scan here or the code at right.

Share Pastoral Care Needs with the Church Office

If you are aware of any pastoral concerns please call the church office so that we may notify the pastor and the deacons contact: 631-537-0863. You can reach the Church Office by email: or Pastor Peter directly:

Children Enjoy Sunday School and Choir Following Children’s Message

Each week we offer three classes for Sunday School: Nursery: (Under Age Four); Younger Children (Age 4 - Grade 2); and, Older Children (Grade 3 - Grade 6). See Kathy Lowe if you would like to offer your time as a substitute teacher or assistant teacher. The Sunday School Children’s Choir also rehearses each Sunday during Sunday School. See Tom White if you would like to participate with the choirs in the music program.

BPC Food Pantry Volunteers Needed Each Third Wednesday

BPC is responsible for staffing the Bridgehampton Community Food Pantry every third Wednesday of each month from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. If you would serve others in this way, leave your name and email with the Church Office (631-537-0863); or, contact Arnold Coslick (631-537-0036) or Peggy Griffin (631-537-0954). Try it — you’ll like it!

Six Ways to Stay Connected...

In the age of the Internet, BPC has six new ways for you to connect and keep current with your church family:

  • Stay up to date with church activities, or listen to live and archived services, on the BPC Mobile App. Click or scan the code at right.
  • Receive the weekly E-pistle! The E-pistle is a mid-week email that goes out to the congregation and friends with all the news and announcements. Make sure the Church Office has your email or write it down and place it in the offering plate!
  • Become a FaceBook friend! To become a Friend, go to and sign in, go to “Bridgehampton Presbyterian Church,” click on the word “Like,” and you are a “Friend.” Tell your friends!
  • Enjoy “live” streaming at on days when you can’t make it to worship. We’ll repeat the entire service several times immediately after it’s over; later on in the week you’ll also be able to hear archived highlights.
  • Check out the church website:
  • Receive the monthly Banner newsletter! While some continue to receive the paper version of the monthly Banner, it is also available early to those who sign-up for the email notice that a new month has been posted. Make sure the Church Office has your email address!

Whenever you see the “Give Now” button on our church Website or E-pistle, simply “click” on it and complete the easy and safe form to make your donation.

Your Generosity Helps Us Serve: Use BPC’s New Online Giving Option!

For the first time BPC members and friends can now give to the church online — just as you do for many charities — using a debit or credit card or electronic funds transfer to support our congregation’s ministries!

All you have to do is click on the “Give Now” button on our church website: You will be redirected to the Presbyterian Mission Exchange and our Bridgehampton Presbyterian Church“Donate” page. A secure form is easily completed and you can designate and make your donation all in a matter of minutes. You can make a one-time gift or set up a recurring donation as your weekly offering or stewardship pledge. It is the generosity of members and friends like you that allows us to do what we do.

By clicking “Give Now” and filling out the form, we realize that you are trusting us with your money. We want you to know that every attempt has been made to make this process simple, easy and safe. The information you provide is encrypted, secure and confidential. We appreciate your confidence in our ministry and value your contribution through our partnership with Presbyterian Mission Exchange (a service of the Presbyterian Foundation).

In order for you to make your online donation, simply “click” on the icon and complete the form, indicating your choice of the funds available:

  • Capital Improvement Fund
  • Mission Fund
  • General Fund
  • Music Fund

If you wish to designate a donation more specifically, check “General Fund” and indicate the special work you wish to support in the “Note” area near the bottom of the form. Your transaction will appear on your statement as BB - Presbyterian Foundation. You will receive an email acknowledgement and expression of gratitude. Your full donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Go ahead! Give it a try! Why not become familiar with how it works by donating $10.00 to the Capital Improvement Fund. It’s that easy!

Thank you for clicking on the “Give Now” button!

To receive this weekly announcement by email, click here or phone the Church Office.