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Things you need to know

Reserving Your Day

Upon making the decision to having your wedding at the BHP you will choose a date and it will be put on the Calendar with a nonrefundable deposit (Non Members)to reserve the day.

Planning Your Wedding Service

We would then discuss what your Rehearsal and Wedding Day would look like.  Music, Flowers, and Photography.  Our Church Secretary is available for the Rehearsal and Wedding Day as your wedding assistant. 


Music that accompanies the ceremony should be uplifting and liturgical, modern as well as popular selections can also be used. Our Music Director has experience with many different types of musicians for your enjoyment.  If you have a preferred musician, they will have to be supervised by the Music Director at the Directors reduced rate.  


The church seats 300 including a balcony for singers, string quartets or other musical groups.


We have found that photography during the ceremony can be distracting.  Photography during the ceremony should be discussed with the Pastor. We ask that you respect the Sanctuary and during the ceremony pictures are taken from behind or from the side of the bride and groom. 


The pastor is delighted to be available before or after the ceremony for pictures.

License is obtained by the wedding couple and given to the pastor at the rehearsal to be completed and then mailed by the church secretary on the wedding day.  Following the rules of the county the license was issued.

Flowers & Runner

May be paced in many places in the sanctuary, Narthex as well as outside the front doors including the doors themselves.  Any decorations should be removed from the church after your ceremony. A runner can be placed down the center aisle that is 50”.


We ask that rice and confetti not be thrown anywhere on the church grounds. They are extremely hard to clean up.  Birdseed however is a good substitute as our feathered friends do the cleanup for us.


Rehearsal is generally scheduled the day before the wedding and those arrangement are coordinated with the Pastor.


Parking is available in our actual parking lot as well as the field behind the church.

Care and Responsibility.

We expect our guests to treat our property as if it is their own.  We have a sexton that will be cleaning up after the Rehearsal as well as the Wedding ceremony.

Fees & Payment

Payment to BPC is required to reserve your date and due when your forms have been submitted.  All other Payments are due in full for the church 30 days prior to the wedding date.  Payments are payable to: Sanctuary – BPC, all other payments are payable to the specific person (Pastor, Music Director, Sexton). Special Musicians should also be on the same schedule as all other services.


We hope that this information has answered your initial questions and the church secretary can answer any additional questions you might have and is your contact for the location.

Our Clients

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