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Use & Service Fee Schedule

Bridgehampton Presbyterian Church

631 – 537 – 0863


P O Box 3038

Bridgehampton, NY   11932

631 – 537 – 0863



Use & Service Fee Schedule


Contact Information

    Pastor:         Rev. Adrian J. Pratt            email:

Organist:      Thomas White                 email:

Secretary:     Joan Gray                        email:


Fee Schedule: (Members)

                                                                 Pastor:           $   450 (Addressed directly to Pastor)

                                                                 Organist:       $   350 (Addressed directly to Organist)

                                                                 Sexton:          $   250 (Addressed directly to the Sexton)

                                                                 Sanctuary:                 Donation at your discretion

Fee Schedule - Non- Member

                                     Sanctuary:    $1,000 ($200 Non-Refundable deposit to confirm the date to be added to the total amount due)

                                    Parlors:         $  450 (for 4 hours. Additional $50 for each additional hour).

                                    Garbage:      $   65 Garbage (Removal and pick-up)

                                    Sexton:         $  350 Sexton (Set up and break down room)


All Wedding Fees include both the Rehearsal and Ceremony.

If additional musicians are requested their fee is at their discretion and is payable to them directly at the rehearsal.  Our organist can recommend anything you might want.


Payments are to be mailed to the church office 30 days prior to the wedding date.      

Individual checks are to be written and addressed to the specific person: BPC, Pastor, Organist & Sexton)


If you prefer your own musicians or organist, there is still a fee due to the age of our organ and our organist would still be required to be here at a fee of $250.                              

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