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For over 15 years our committee has worked to preserve our church building, has selected artifacts, original texts, and other materials for preservation, and has undertaken the tasks of locating and transcribing church records.  Among preserved items currently on display is the Great Bible owned by our first pastor, Rev. Ebenezer White (served 1695-1748), and the cello and tuning fork used in early 19th Century services.  We also worked on the church's successful application for designation as a state and national "historic site."

As we make discoveries, we add them to an omnibus that covers the history of the congregation, the early Bridgehampton community, and the three structures that have served our congregation for over three centuries. We also write the church's Visitors Guide and articles that appear in church newsletters.  

Our transcription project, begun in 2018, involves typing texts into a computer searchable format we have designed especially for extended searches.  Names, dates and some other information are transcribed in a consistent format, without regard to how they were actually written.  In this manner, the transcription can be readily searched, using only one search designation.  Upon finding desired entries, searchers can turn to photocopies of the original document to see the actual text.  We believe our database will be of interest not only to members of the congregation and the local community but also to historians and genealogists.

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