We are beginning 

Worship in the Sanctuary

May 2nd at 9:30 am

In the light of the continuing epidemic we ask you to

please observe these guidelines.

ENTER through the main Narthex doors,

EXIT though the side door

to the left of the pulpit at the front of sanctuary.

Register your attendance. Please bring a pen to sign in with.

Please pick up for yourself a bulletin and communion set

from the tables in the Narthex.

(Do not pass them to others)

Wear a mask. This is not optional,

but a requirement of being in the building.

Observe Appropriate Social Distancing. (At least 6 feet)

(Families who live together can sit together.)

Please sit only in designated spaces.  Avoid all physical contact.

Following worship dispose of the bulletin and communion vessels in the receptacles for that purpose that will be placed near the EXIT door

(to the left of the pulpit at the front of the sanctuary.)

Your offering can also be placed in the basket that will be there.

We ask that no more than one person be in the bathrooms at a time.

(Unless they are assisting someone else.)

It is not yet considered safe to join in community singing,

so we invite you to allow the words of the hymns

to guide your meditations.

Likewise, with spoken responses,

it is perfectly OK to mumble,

whisper or even not say the words out loud.


Our Children's program is our pride and joy and the future of our church! We love having the little ones join us every Sunday. Please click HERE for the latest events and activities.

Become a part of our family

Those wishing to become a member of the church may speak with the Pastor by contacting the Church Office. Worship, serving others, and building fellowship through events is at the heart of what we do as a church community. When you decide to join a church, you join a family.  We welcome you at any stage of your journey and are happy to answer questions and provide information about the Presbyterian approach to Christian faith.

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Worship: 9:30 am

Due to COVID-19 Services  are being streamed on YouTube as well as in the Sanctuary.


Sunday 9:30 a.m.



Sunday 9:30 a.m.