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Welcome to

Bridgehampton Presbyterian Church



Thank you for your interest in Bridgehampton Presbyterian Church to celebrate your decision to be married. 

We are a NYS Historical Landmark as well as a Sacred site.  Our congregation is over 350 years old and continues to celebrate in

our classic Greek Revival church. 

This is our third edifice with the beautiful sanctuary since 1848.

Our steeple can be seen from miles around along with

the ringing of our bells.

It is amazing to have the bells ring as the newlyweds

walk down the aisle.


Our Sanctuary takes advantage of the light coming in with 26’ ceilings,

and our 14 magnificent stained-glass windows

that are 13’ tall, regardless of the time of the ceremony. 

Our Hamond organ is over 100 years old and has recently,

been completely renovated. 

The acoustics are amazing and are heard throughout the building.

We host the Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival for over 35 years.

There are additional rooms to accommodate the Bridal and Grooms

parties in the Newman Room. 

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