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The Session is the governing body of the church made up of men and women known as “Elders.” Members are elected by the congregation and ordained.  They are charged with the program, the spiritual life, and the physical plant of the church.


The Session meets monthly to conduct the

business of the church.  

“Lay” Elders serve a three-year term.

Rebecca Wright - Clerk of Session

Carolyn Corwith - Worship

Ted Dickson - Buildings & Grounds, Finance

Val Florio - Computer

Brooke Pickering -- Personnel

Jane Weigley - Deacon's

Michael Wootton - Treasurer



The Board of Deacons is the caring arm of the congregation. The Deacons give comfort,

love and concern for the whole congregation

in pain and tragedy.  It is the connections

between the members of the congregation, 

the local community and our pastor to

represent God’s love.


The Deacons have the opportunity to assist in the Lord’s Supper

and often help in the church services throughout the year.


As the heart of the church, the Deacons demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ

and at the direction of the Holy Spirit

bringing that compassion to the people.


Donna Halsey - Co Chair

Jim Weigley - Co Chair

Irene Edwards

Jane Weigley (Session)

Buildings & Grounds

Ted Dickson (Chair & Session)

Fred Wilford

Rebecca Wright

Historic Restoration & Preservation

Eiizabeth Barton

Doris Edwards

Carolyn French

Capital Improvement & Fund Raising

Donna Halsey (Chair)

Carrie Crowley

Kathy Lowe

Rebecca Wright (Clerk of Session)


Elizabeth Barton

Carolyn Corwith

Barbara McCoy

Christian Education

Emily Otto (Director & Chair)

Donna Halsey

Kathy Lowe

Anne Rumunno


Brooke T. Pickering

Jane Weigley (Session)

Financial Management

Ted Dickson (Chair & Session)

Jim Weigley

Michael Wootton (Ex-Officio)



Carrie Crowley 

Kathy Lowe

Brooke Pickering - Session

Worship, Music & Stewardship

Carolyn Corwith (Chair)

Elizabeth Barton

Jane Weigley (Session)

Thomas White 

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